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Roberta Dewa

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Roberta Dewa was born in Nottingham in 1954. She began her writing life as an historical novelist; her first published novel was a defence of bad King John. During the 1990s she spent most of her time studying for her BA, MA and PhD at the University of Nottingham, but she continued to develop her own writing, publishing poetry, reviews and short fiction in the small presses. In 2007 she returned to writing full-length works while taking her MA in Creative Writing at NTU. Her recently completed novel, Home, is currently in revision, and her present project, The Book-Keeper’s Daughter, is a memoir.

Holding Stones is her first short story collection.

Publications include:
Lackland's Lady (Robert Hale, 1980);
The Fortune Stone (Robert Hale, 1982);
The Shadow King (Robert Hale, 1984).
Reservoir in Staple 61, Winter 2004.
Victoria online at, December 2005.
Sleeping Beauty, in 3D: New fiction and poetry, Laundrette Books, 2006.
Lazarus in Staple 65, Summer 2006.
The Power House (memoir extract), in Staple 68, Winter 2007.

Her website is