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The Hour Glass Discussion Topics

The Hour Glass

  • The Hour Glass short story won The Times Short Love Story competition. Can you think why?

  • How does the author manage to convey so much in so few words?

Here's Looking At You

  • Where do you think Terence has been?

  • Why is the hat so important to him?

Break Break Break

  • Who is in control here?

  • What would you do?


  • How does the author tell us directly and indirectly about the characters and their relationship?

  • What influences our perceptions of the characters?

The Price

  • Is George plausible?

  • Is Sarah to be envied?

Come Out To Play

  • What do the children think is happening in the shed?

  • How does the author lead you to think this?

Seventy Times Seven

  • Why was the narrator sent away?

  • How did it affect her life?

Restless Pillows

  • How do you think the Bronte sisters would have responded to modern life?


  • How is our sympathy for Greta generated?

  • Should we be sympathetic?

Making Trouble In An Empty House

  • What does the title 'Making Trouble In An Empty House' mean?

  • What effect does the conversational tone have on your response to the narrator?

Dancing The Midnight Polka

  • How many stories are told within this story?

Fiat Lux

  • How does the author use contrast to highlight the teacher's plight?

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