Pewter Rose Press

November Wedding

by Frances Thimann

'I had no plans to marry, my career lay comfortable and predictable before me; but seeds beneath the dry sands can be awakened with rain after thirty years, and so it was with me. And in spite of all that happened, and even now, so many years later, the feelings in my heart have not changed or diminished.'

What people think of November Wedding

“These are stories that cherish human fragility, that value our missed connections and reverberating losses as much as our clumsy attempts at love. Writing both with elegance and a searing precision, Thimann deftly uncovers the shadowy layers of our all-too-human hearts. Simply stunning.”

Megan Taylor, author of The Lives of Ghosts

“Frances Thimann's fine collection of elegiac short stories about old age was one of my top ten books the year it was published, and I've been reading her work for years. I'm very pleased to see a new collection by her.”

Ross Bradshaw, Five Leaves Publications