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Perfect 10 Discussion Topics


  • What does the title 'Perfect 10' mean to you? Is it the best title for the book?

  • In what ways do Jimmy and the chip shop add to the collection of stories?

  • What does Perfect 10 have to say about woman and weight? Is it biased towards any particular view?

  • 'Fat is a feminist issue.' Does the author agree or disagree with this sentiment?

  • Do we relate more to the characters who flaunt their weight or who suffer from it? What does this say about our attitudes to weight?

The Importance of Sisters

  • How does the author convey Sally and Mildred?

  • How are the misconceptions laid out by the author? Why did she do this?

  • To what extent have sisters affected the characters?


  • Does Bennie have any redeeming features?

  • How could her life be turned around?


  • Denise comments that she '... is fat, not plump (Mummy's words), not cuddly (Daddy's words), plain fat.' How do people describe larger individuals and how should we? Is it alright to call someone 'fat' or is that restricted to the individual to refer to themselves that way?

  • Is Denise's low esteem due to her weight?

Melting Away

  • The story discusses the effect of losing a lot of weight. What else is lost and how does the character respond?

Net Babe

  • Does the story illustrate that deception is an integral part of human interaction?

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