Pewter Rose Press

White Poppies

by Vivien Jones

How do women cope with war? Whether they are wives, daughters, lovers, mothers or mistresses they suffer and celebrate, but often on the sidelines. These stories explore the experience of women among warriors in a wide range of settings – from myth to Roman and Renaissance history, from World War II to the present day.

What people think of White Poppies

“An imagination that delves deep into the characters portrayed.  Stories that stay with you, that make you view the world a little bit different, made vivid as they are by the authors clarity of language.  You never quite know which direction the story might take but by the end you discover they have finished in exactly the right place.  In other words storytelling of the highest order.”

Tom Murray, Award-winning playwright, short story writer, and editor of The Eildon Tree

“Vivien Jones crafts short stories, prose and poetry with subtle skill. Each piece in this themed collection is distinct and original. Some are poignant, others lyrical, all offer insight into the thoughts, feelings and experiences of women touched by war. (White Poppies is a worthy successor to her previous collection Perfect 10.)”

Carolyn Yates, Literature Development Officer in Dumfries and Galloway

“Once more Vivien Jones shows her sympathy for women whose sense of themselves is either damaged or strengthened by what they endure. These are stories that follow unflinchingly the narrative of the heart.”

Tom Pow